Rave Reviews

“Mark and Jeanne, you are fabulous. You share everything you need to pitch a show. I’ve had a long career in TV and even I was having an extremely difficult time pitching. You provided me the sledgehammer I needed. Since I worked with you I’ve now sold a few of my own shows.”
Doug Stanley
Producer Discovery’s Deadliest Catch
“Well, I have to tell you guys that having come across you has been a blessing to me. I am yet to make my first sale, and let me tell you that I am well on my path, but you have given me a clear direction to move in. Thanks very much for your awesome home study course, your generous seminars and for the kind thought behind your business model. Your work is motivated by kindness and love and that’s proven to be vital for me in planning my own business. I wish you tons of success and fame and all the good stuff you wish for yourselves and for your lovely family!”
Richa Khandelwal Bhat
CEO & Creative Director Keshava Productions, LLC.
“Thanks to your pitch training, we sold our TV show to a network! We were in production within a week after our pitch. Thank you Mark & Jeanne!”
Monya Claborn and Claudia Reynolds
Producers The Living Rose
“Both Jeanne and Mark have great creative eyes. They’re the best, absolutely, and their work is in demand.”
Mitchell Kriegman
Creator/Executive Producer
It’s A Big, Big World, Bear In the Big Blue House
The Book of Pooh, Clarissa Explains It All
“If you are just learning, you won’t have to wonder about the mysteries of animation or spend years trying to figure them out. Those mysteries are all explained here. I suggest you read Mark’s book and do what he says.”
Linda Simensky
Director of Original Programming, PBS Kids
Former Senior Vice President, Original Programming, Cartoon Network
“This is the only seminar of its kind that I’m aware of. If you’re interested in producing a TV show, this is a great place to be. I’m a TV producer, but I don’t have the experience in selling a TV show. If you have a concept, come here first and learn how to sell a show. This is a great, great seminar.”
Herb Gross
“I still have the adrenaline pumping from the Summit. So well organized! It was fun but even more importantly, it was such a learning experience. It was sort of like American Idol with Simon Cowell (Mark). Telling me what I want to hear is not doing me any favors so I really appreciated the honestly. That’s how you learn! You guys really are there to help us and I thank you!”
Marco Flores
“With this, you’ve got a complete package. I don’t see how there could be anything else you would need. They have saved me tens of thousands of dollars and now I’m ready to pitch!”
Hector Seda
“Jeanne and Mark hosted a FABOLOUS Pitch Me event for Women in Film. Everyone I’ve heard from was blown away! They loved pitching in front of the group and getting amazing advice from the Simons. We can’t wait to have the Simons host another event.”
Jennifer Pennypacker
President of Women In Film & Television
Florida Director of the Metro Orlando Film &
Entertainment Commission
“You (Mark) never cease to amaze me. Your Dedication and focused attention to your clients needs is tantamount to knock-your-socks-off superior levels of service.”
Dr. Paul Jacobson
Founder Prevtech
“No self-respecting neurosurgeon would ever consider performing brain surgery without first completing a top notch residency training program. Such is the case when pitching your TV show ideas at the NATPE PitchCon. Sell Your TV Concept Now and their HIT MAKER TOUR is the Harvard residency program of the TV concept pitching arena. They will guide you, prepare you, and position you for a successful patient outcome with a minimum of blood loss.”
Paul “Dr. J” Jacobson, M.D.
The new voice of Laugh MD TV
o “make it” in the entertainment business takes a tremendous amount of creative abilities, developmental work and more know how than you can imagine. This journey has taken me down many roads to get to where I am today as the President and Executive Producer of Bishop-Lyons Entertainment, partners of mega giant ITV Studios. I now work with many top suppliers to the networks such as FOX Studios, Left Right Productions, Triage Entertainment and others.

I have come to a place most with entertainment aspirations would dream to be. At the beginning stage of entering into this industry, I decided to create an animated project called Creepers. I was told by many it was an impossible task with no prior experience. I reached out to countless producers, directors, animators and executives in the animation world to guide my way, only to find dead ends. No one would help.

Then I met Mark &Jeanne Simon. Instead of shooting me down like the rest, Mark & Jeanne encouraged me. They put their creative minds and development into my project and made my characters come to life in a way only Mark & Jeanne could. But they did not stop there. They secured production with the DAVE School and produced a pilot which not only went on to win over 30 international awards and accolades but also landed a distribution deal. It has been 7 years since I met the Simons and I can say today, as I sit in my office in Los Angeles, that it was one of the highlights of my career.
David Lyons
Executive Producer
Bishop Lyons Entertainment
“This is the only program I’ve been able to find that shows you practically how to sell your TV Concept step by step. I was surprised by the volume of information they gave us. The surprise guests added so much. Having your own TV show isn’t as mysterious as I thought. I’m sure glad I joined!”
Jim Trippon
“Everything is useable and practical in this program. The value is way beyond the cost and the guest speakers were phenomenal. Mark and Jeanne are the two most passionate people we have ever met! Thank you for everything you’re doing.”
Darren & Tina Lutz
Owners Balance Studios
“Mark and Jeanne are creative geniuses! They are the best creative partners I could ask for. Plus, Mark knows every marketing and publicity trick in the book. Because of them my animation show, Timmy’s Lessons in Nature, sold in France! This package is for any person serious about making a mark in the entertainment industry. Where else will you gain 40+ years experience in one place. Its almost like having you very own producer in a box. A must have!”
Travis Blaise
Animator, Cartoon Network, Disney
“I have been in the industry all my life and have never experience this level of professionalism and teaching from anyone else! I came to Mark and Jeanne with my show idea and in only one session walked away with a concrete one sheet, character development and several episode ideas! Their level of expertise is enhanced and their teaching is reinforced greatly by their CDs and books which truly are the information bibles for success! My belief level has taken a quantum leap and my confidence has soared! Their program offers the “nuts and bolts” of television production from an insider point of view. Thank you Jeanne and Mark for being the “wind beneath my wings”!
Mary Giuseffi
Creator Mary’s Model Life

“Mark was unbelievable. I created a show called Pondscum but we didn’t know how to fully develop it and pitch it. Mark’s advice and the samples he provided gave us everything we needed to develop our show beyond our original thoughts. We felt great going into our first pitch in Los Angles and the response we got was better than we expected.

The insight he provided regarding what to expect. The insight he provided regarding what to expect was priceless. Not only did we feel so much more confident presenting, we were as prepared as a team that has been pitching their whole career and it showed. We couldn’t have done it without him!”
Patty Thomas
Creator Pondscum