Our Motivation

Statement of Core Beliefs

People always ask us why we do what we do. Why do we take time out of our own lives and careers to offer this program; this service?

They say things like, “You’re already successful in production, why are you doing this?

Our first response is, “We used to be you.” We know exactly what it’s like to be excited about an idea but not understand yet whether we have something marketable, and not know where to take it, or whether it would have a chance to become a reality. It’s a very frustrating experience.

Keeping that experience in mind, we put EVERYTHING in this program we wish we had when we first started developing and pitching ideas.

We automatically skip EVERYONE following this program past the initial FIVE YEARS of missteps and mistakes we made on the path to successfully sell our own ideas. So the first answer is that it is service that developed naturally out of wanting to perfect the pitch development process and pay it forward for others to follow. We could have just written a book or recorded a video at that point and moved on.

But something unexpected happened.

The more we worked one on one with people as they pursued their own dreams, the more we got turned on by helping them discover the real hook in a idea that makes it unique and exciting. There’s no energy quite like the energy that springs up from the creative process of discovery and inspiration. It’s contagious. We know you’ve felt it. We feel it every time we work with a client. And we know they feel it too, because they become more productive and more disciplined about getting their idea down in a marketable form than they ever have before in their lives.

So the simple answer to why we do what we do for others is what it also does for us … it inspires us … it energizes us … and makes us feel like we can make a real difference in helping people achieve their own dreams.

And what could be any greater than that?

Core Beliefs

We believe some of the best ideas for TV shows come from everyday people

We believe, for maximum passion and effectiveness, everyone should pitch their OWN show, and not rely on someone else do it for them

We believe clients should know the truth about the current merit of their show, even if it hurts their feelings

We know the network executives are OPEN to your TV pitches if those presenta- tions are professionally prepared and delivered

We are not agents and never claim any commission based on the future earnings of your show

When you hire us, you own our experience, our contacts, and our 100% enthusiasm