TV Pitch Kit

Do you have a TV concept to sell… or want to someday?

DIY TV Pitch Kit has everything you could possibly want to create and pitch your TV series.

DIY TV Pitch Kit has been our best-selling item for over ten years and it just got better! We’ve added 27 new videos to the existing 100+ videos (20+ hours), audios and downloads.

That’s 95 minutes of new and updated content!

The additions include all new development videos and the latest information on virtual pitching.

Our digital home study course is a budget-friendly option if you have an idea for a TV show and you want to get it ready to sell.

Imagine how much faster you could sell your TV show if you had stress-free, step-by-step, easy as 1-2-3, instructions on everything you need to do to get your show ready to pitch and info on how to get those coveted pitch meetings.

The Kit includes pitch package samples and fill-in-the blank treatment templates for every type of show.

The Kit is for show creators who want to pitch their TV shows right the first time. You ONLY get one chance to impress media buyers!

No more frustrating internet searches looking for resources… no more guessing, hoping you have a good enough pitch… take a deep breath and relax… help is here.

In your DIY TV Pitch Kit you’ll discover…

Over 100 Media Files

Our exclusive, new, hassle-free home study kit is a digital game changer with 100+ videos, audios and downloads. That’s over 20 hours of content! It is a fool-proof, step-by-step course designed to get you going on your show in minutes.

FREE Updates for Life

DIY TV PITCH KIT is a game changer because, unlike other mentoring programs, there are no monthly fees charged to keep getting updates. When you buy our DIY TV Pitch Kit you will automatically get all course updates which will keep you current on how to pitch and sell your show.

We will NEVER try to upsell you an upgraded membership. You pay ONE FEE…ONE TIME. It’s like a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP into a club with no monthly dues.
With the DIY TV Pitch Kit you’ll blast past overwhelm, gain clarity, refine your concept, protect your idea, perfect your pitch, and stay focused! We’ll show you how to get more pitch meetings in a day than you ever thought possible, and so much more.

You are buying access to a website with tons of BONUSES!
“Hi Jeanne and Mark, I will forever be in your debt for the fantastic course you folks sold me. What a wonderful couple you are. Are there really people like you left in the world? My faith in humanity increases every minute I watch either of you. Thank you!”
– Randy Gardner

The analog version of the Kit had cost $400

You only pay $200 USD for everything in the digital DIY TV Pitch Kit!

Purchases are securely processed by PayPal. Plus, we NEVER share or sell your contact info.
When you buy the Kit you will automatically receive emails when cool stuff is added or updated.

Get to the FUN Part FAST

Get immediate access to your DIY TV Pitch Kit as soon as you purchase.
The DIY TV Pitch Kit website is easy to navigate. It’s well organized… the content is clearly labelled, and easy to use so you can get to the fun part of creating, or refining, your TV concept. It has over 100 streaming media files and PDF downloads.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We’ve even numbered the tabs on the DIY TV Pitch Kit 1 – 10, so there’s no way you can get confused or lost. Plus, there’s an intro video in each section to provide an overview and guidance to keep you on track as you create your treatments and perfect your pitches.

Plus, You Get
4 Amazing Bonuses!

#1-Free Updates for Life

Periodic updates for no extra fees. It’s like like a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for a club with no monthly dues.

#2-Easy, Preset, Fill-in-the-Blank Treatment Templates

Treatment Templates for scripted and reality shows + tutorial videos

#3-10% Discount on All Our Programs

We offer programs to prepare you to pitch top media buyers at meetings we set up for you. You could save $150 or more.

#4-TV Expert Interviews

Want to find out how South Park was “accidentally” pitched? The interview with inebriated South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone is fascinating and funny. Get the inside scoop from fourteen expert interviews streaming right now in our DIY TV Pitch Kit.

Interviews include:

#Value of Bonuses

The bonuses are worth thousands of dollars and will save you months, maybe even precious years, getting your show on TV.

Here’s What You Need to Do Next

If you want to turn your raw idea into a professionally developed TV series ready to pitch in a few weeks…
If you want to find out how to get pitch meetings with top media buyers and you don’t have an agent….
If you want to feel confident knowing you’re doing your show right the first time…
If you know you could go further, faster using proven tools from a trusted source….

The analog version of the Kit had cost $400

You only pay $200 USD for everything in the digital DIY TV Pitch Kit!