Treatment Layout and Design

What is a treatment and how can it help you sell your show?

The pitch only gets you so far. You get a big bite, what’s the next question the exec asks? “What else have you got on the show?”

EVERY show must be well formatted on paper in treatment form. That tells them what the SERIES will be like. The concept. The characters. The theme. How it will sustain over the first season and beyond. And the treatment design and layout will go a long way to branding your show, conveying attitude and communicating what will be seen on TV.
An effective treatment has all of the following:

Our design team prides itself on infusing the feeling you want to convey in every font, image, and color used in your treatment.

Treatment design and layout is a completely custom service and the base rate is $2,500.

I couldn’t wait to pull out my treatment and show it to network execs. The way you designed it
was so fun and every one loved it!

– Lisa Horn